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vs. Army
September 2,2016

Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA

Time: 7:00 PM ET.

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Temple Football @Temple_FB An hour ago

PREVIEW: Temple vs. Army 📝 »

Temple Football @Temple_FB 3 hours ago

It's finally GAME WEEK! 🍒 #BeatArmy

Temple Football @Temple_FB 18 hours ago

RT @BaldyNFL: Notice to all NFL offensive coordinators...NO TE in the league can block MO

Temple Football @Temple_FB 18 hours ago

Exactly 5️⃣. 🏈🍒

Temple Football @Temple_FB Yesterday

RT @TempleBands: Coach told Brodrick Yancy if he could catch a baton like @BaileeRussell11, the team didn't have to run. Money! https://t.c…

Temple Football @Temple_FB Yesterday

RT @CoachMattRhule:

Temple Football @Temple_FB Yesterday

RT @Maleekyleek: Best thing I've seen all day @acresofcherries @TempleOwls @Temple_FB

Temple Football @Temple_FB Yesterday

.@TempleBands in the 🏠! WATCH:

Temple Football @Temple_FB 2 days ago

Gameday. Is. Coming.

Temple Football @Temple_FB 2 days ago

RT @thekidmcmanus: Hey @Mark_Sanchez would you look at that! Must be pretty good looking to get 3 head shots #3for1

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 22 hours ago

RT @JacobSpeaks_: I Jacob W. Martin Just Got 7-0 skunked by @CoachMattRhule

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 4 days ago

RT @SeanJpadden: Congrats to @JacobSpeaks_ & @iamvb_87 for EARNING their #TUSingleDigits! #TU9 toughest players get em #GDQ…

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 4 days ago

RT @QuissyQuis: S/O to my brothers on Getting #1 and #9 @iamvb_87 @JacobSpeaks_

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 5 days ago

RT @Temple_FB: No quit in our game. #Rampage

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 9 days ago

Thank you @BaldyNFL for a tremendous message in the team meeting tonight. #JustShowUp

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 14 days ago

RT @Temple_FB: Two single digits have officially been awarded. Congrats @P_Walker11 and @58_TheAssassin. #TUsingledigits 💪🍒…

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 21 days ago

RT @STAR_SHIP17: You Listen And You Learn! Taking 1 Day At A Time! 🐬🏈

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 26 days ago

RT @KirkHerbstreit: Awesome to see everybody at our ESPN seminar led by Master of Ceremonies @leefitting. The start begins NOW!! https://t.…

Matt Rhule @CoachMattRhule 26 days ago

RT @YeedeeThaenrat: Loving my new school 🙌🏼🙌🏼 thanks to coach Snow And Rhule for helping me

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 745 days ago

I told you all to stay tuned................ Its coming.......

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 755 days ago

The new era of equipment for Temple Football has begun! @Temple_FB this revolution will be televised!!! #BITW Stay Tuned...

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 930 days ago

Thinking we're gonna try these for our staff game pants. Let's see what @UnderArmour can come up with...

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 956 days ago

RT @CoachSatBhakta: The world lost a great man today in Curtis Bray. A humble and intelligent soul. I will always remember you. RIP #IowaS…

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 966 days ago

RT @Edwerderespn: How seriously do Packers take weather advantage? No media access to equipment manager Red Beatty. Protect secrets for com…

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 988 days ago

RT @TonyReginaGAP: @TempleUEquip need two more players for a touch football game, this Sunday near @TempleAmbler campus. RT to spread the w…

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 1001 days ago

Monday morning flood in the equipment room ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 1002 days ago

RT @CoachMattRhule: PJ and the fellas set the Temple Single Season passing record today. Time now to recruit some ballers who want to make…

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 1002 days ago

Proud of a great group of seniors going out on top! Program has a bright future! #justthebeginning #owlforever #tunation #TUFB #TempleTuff

Temple Equipment @TempleUEquip 1002 days ago

RT @MattFalcone15: So proud of this team for sticking together. Feels great to end the career with a W, #TUFB has a very bright future! #Ow…

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